What makes Totter + Tumble Playmats different to other playmats on the market?
We could tell you about so many features that set our playmats apart from other types of playmats. In addition to the unique features discussed on our About page, a huge bonus is longevity and suitability for the busy home, designed with all members of the family in mind. 
Our mats are tough, thick and weighty, they are a durable and beautiful addition to your interior, and a protective, comfortable play space for growing children.
We are so confident that our playmats are fault free that we include a 1 year manufacturer's warranty  
I can't choose between the designs, help!
This is a good problem to have! Take into account the design on the reverse side, check out our article on choosing the perfect playmat for your interior here, which gives you the insider tips on undertones and family colors.
I want one! What's your delivery like?
You won't have to wait long! We use the top courier services to deliver your new playmat. Continental US orders will be brought to your doorstep within 7-10 working days from your Shipping Confirmation email. For more information, including tracking, please see our Shipping page.
If you live in the UK or Europe we can deliver to you too.
How do I look after our Totter + Tumble Playmat?
Roll out and wipe down! You only need to use a gentle, neutral cleaning solution and a cloth to keep the playmat clean. Simple. While warm soapy water is a great example, baby and water wipes and spray cleaners with citric or hypochlorous acid should be avoided. You can read our full Care Guide here
Although our mats are wipedown, they can still stain so be careful when using food colourings in messy play, picnicking on berries and anything acidic etc and wipe off spillages quickly. Remember to clean under the playmat regularly too. Best to keep any heavy furniture, sharply clawed pets and most vacuums off your mat to minimise the risk of damaging your playmat.
When we unrolled ours the inner edge has a slight curl to it- what can we do?
Just as when you stand on your memory foam playmat, a gentle impression of your feet temporarily remains, your playmat remembers how it has been rolled to get to you. It’s really easy to teach it to unlearn, roll it tightly the opposite way, bending the curl in the opposite direction, and leave it overnight. When you roll it out in the morning it will be flat! 
I hear Totter + Tumble Playmats are great for pilates and yoga - tell me more.
You are absolutely right. The thick cushioning is similar to that of a more deluxe Pilates mat to support the body during floor and side work. Yoga mats are typically thinner to increase connection with the solid floor for balances. However, yet again, the closed cell foam of our playmats make a stable surface, ideal for yoga moves. 
Can I take my Totter + Tumble playmat out and about?
Our playmats can certainly be rolled up and moved outdoors. However, their primary function is to be a permanent feature of your home. To achieve the luxury cushioning and non-slip element, our playmats are made from luxury heavier foam.
If you do use your playmat outdoors, we suggest you look out for any sharp stones or objects that could damage the surface. Your playmat should not be left in direct sunshine for an extended period.
What if I need a different size playmat?
There are two rectangular sizes available; Standard and Compact. The Standard size is matched to a large rug and measures  83 x 55 x .5" and is available in all the designs. 
The Compact still has space for all the family to play on and is matched to a standard British rug at 72 x 49 x .5" and is available in The Scout + Wanderer, The Mariner + Roamer, and The Globe Trotter + Rambler.
Our Round Scout + Wanderer playmat measures in at  55 x .5"
This video may help you to visualise your playmat and has some tip tips for making sure you choose the right size for your space:
Do you have a bigger space? As Totter + Tumble playmats are made from a sturdy material, they sit nicely next to one another without the constant slippage of lighter playmats, although we cannot guarantee the pattern would perfectly align and there can be a slight difference in size as they ease, as noted above. 
Please note that due to the memory foam there can be ±2% variation in dimensions.
What flooring types are Totter + Tumble playmats suitable for?
Lots of you tell us of your frustration of slipping or breaking up jigsaw playmats. Don’t worry! Totter + Tumble’s weightier memory foam and texturized imprint means that they are more stable on carpeted, wood or tiled flooring. We have never seen a Standard size playmat, at over 22 lbs, move and at over 15 lbs our Compact Playmats do well at staying put, though your flooring may have more of an impact on it too - e.g. if it is without grain or slippy itself. 
Clear of any layers, the playmats have a tog value of approximately 3.5 and are fine with underfloor heating. Your flooring supplier should advise you on what kind of floor coverings are suitable for your floor (and underfloor heating combination), if they haven’t already. 
There is a faint code printed in the corner on one side of my playmat- should that be there? 
Yes, every playmat has an individual batch code on it in accordance with US and European Standards, to make sure each playmat is traceable to its manufacture and to protect your consumer rights. 

My little one has stained the playmat, what should we do?!
Don't panic! There are only two things we personally haven’t been able to remove. I know it’s tempting to reach for the harsher cleaners, but we really don’t recommend it. Instead, a simple bicarbonate of soda paste left on for a few hours can lift most stains. Also hand soap can be tough on stains but gentle on the playmat. Keep returning to the stain regularly with the gentle cleaning solution and it will lift.  Luckily you have a reversible design too! 
Do you offer discounts?
We offer a welcome discount via our newsletter, sign up is here.
Where do you deliver?
 Please see our information on Shipping and Returns.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out via hello@totterandtumble.com