Design Guide

Having lots of choice is both a plus and a negative - it can make choosing harder! Totter + Tumble playmats are made to fit in subtly with your interior decoration, so finding the right one for your home is imperative.

Here we give you the inside scoop on the designs, and show you the different playmats side by side, so you can see our different tones of gray as well as our warmer and cooler colors.

The complete 2020 luxury Playmat collection by Totter + Tumble


As you may well know, Totter + Tumble currently stocks 16 designs across eight reversible playmats. Both the colors and patterns have been carefully designed with interiors in mind, but that they can remain subtle within a room setting and fit into a wide range of interior styles, to allow play to remain focused.

Picking the right design for your home can be a tough decision, so this article uses a series of photos to help you compare the designs and the colors, so that a Totter + Tumble playmat can be an asset to your well-considered home decoration.

Before we get started, you may find this video helpful when deciding on the right size for your space:



Let’s Talk About Gray

So gray is gray, right? Wrong.

While we tend to think of gray like a mix of black and white paint, gray can actually be produced by mixing primary and complementary colors together, giving greater warmth or depth depending on the colors chosen.

The three common undertones to form a gray are blue, green and purple which help to create both warmer tones and cooler tones. The guide below will help you to visualize your playmat against your floor, against your wall color and with the room in general.

 Grey stylish Totter and Tumble Playmats

 The Globe Trotter, The Roamer, The Nomad, The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer, on the far right, is an example of a gray formed using a touch of purple as the undertone, and is often the case with marble grays, the stormy cloud grays, the dusty grays. It can be a bit of a chameleon, appearing cooler or warmer depending on the balance of tones and the lighting in your home.

Grays formed with a blue undertone create the standard, well known cool gray: the pencil gray, the black and white paint gray as well as the steel gray. It is a very flexible tone, that matches well with other cool, fresh colors as well as bolder, dynamic colors. This encompasses the gray of The Nomad and the slightly fresher The Thinker playmat.

Grays formed with a green undertone create warmer grays or Pantone Gray, all the way to creams and greiges, depending on the yellow contingent of the green used. The dove grays,  the taupes, the Cornforth White to the Elephants Breath are all examples. These grays are great with a softer interior palette, with earthier, chalkier tones, and which we adore in The Roamer as well as the slightly lighter The Globe Trotter.


And don’t forget The Wanderer; a greenish-gray which is fabulous for injecting a fresh light into your interior. Seen below in the green section and in comparison of the vintage chevrons.


Let’s Talk About Color

But our playmats aren’t all gray. We have a number with gentle colors to complement and accent your spaces.

Adding Tones: Blues and Greens

In the home, blue shades are immediately welcoming, whether used in a deep tones for a touch of drama, or a more subtle tone. Green is also incredibly calming in interiors and is often used to draw different shades together. Whether blue or green is for you, five of our designs may be the perfect one for your home.


Blue tones of The Mariner, The Seafarer and The Wanderlust luxury Totter + Tumble playmats

The Mariner, The Seafarer, The Wanderlust


The Mariner playmat harnesses the elegant scalloped dot pattern of The Seafarer with a lighter, brighter alternative, balancing blues and greens with a Seagrass color in the forefront of the design and a pale background to give it an all-round lighter feel

Though now paired with our honey mustard Keeper, The Seafarer is from our original collection due to its versatility in design. With an iron-blue background to the warm gray scallops, this design has a darker overall effect.

And for a deeper hue, our Wanderlust playmat is a midnight teal, balancing blues and greens, and work beautifully as an accent in a lighter interior or blending into a more sumptuous, moody space.


Green tones of the The Mariner, The Rambler, The Champion and The Wanderlust luxury Totter + Tumble playmats

 The Mariner, The Rambler, The Champion, The Wanderlust 


The Champion, new to our 2020 Collection is also a darker design, though its small scale and hints of dark grays and greens, give it longevity in interiors.

For a purer green, the fresh sage of The Rambler and the intricate botanical design are great for adding a little bit of detail.  Though imagined in more traditional styles of home, you have shown us how it blends beautifully into modern interiors too. Seen here next to the light greenish-grey Wanderer.


Green tones of the The Rambler and The Wanderer Totter + Tumble playmats

The Rambler (top) and The Wanderer (bottom)


Pinks, Oranges and Reds

The past few years have seen a resurgence in pinks, oranges and reds for interiors. From Benjamin Moore's America's Colors, to Persian textiles and deep earthy tones, we have seen them across our favourite insta-homes as well as in interior decoration magazines.


Pink, orange and mustard tones of the The Friend, The Captain, The Dreamer and The Keeper  Totter + Tumble playmats

The Friend, The Captain, The Dreamer, The Keeper 


If you love Boudoir by Benjamin Moore, The Friend is likely to be the playmat for you. With a touch of yellow in its base, our plaster pink Friend adds warmth. It is this element of its design that makes it nestle beautifully into traditional interiors. It’s the perfect, non-candy pink for contemporary homes.

Moving along the scale, The Captain harnesses lots of warmth in its softened terracotta hue. We fell further in love with this design as it complemented the interiors at our most recent photoshoot, sitting beautifully with rustic décor as well as Persian textiles.

If you just want a hint of colour, the coral Dreamer and the honey-mustard Keeper, with their pale backgrounds, are a subtle way to introduce a color pop, especially if there is another color taking center stage in your interior.


Let’s Talk Patterns:

Perhaps you aren’t trying to find the perfect shade of color, but have fallen in love with a patterned design. You may be dotty for the spotty Scout or wild for the leopards of The Champion or The Trailblazer. You may be taken by the beauty of the Kilim inspired playmats, or the tranquillity of the scallops. Here is a quick gallery for you to compare the different color ways of our designs.


Dotty playmat Scout Champion Trailbalzer totter and tumble

  The Champion, The Trailblazer, The Scout


beautiful rug like playmat totter and tumble

 From the top: The Globe Trotter, The Friend, The Captain, The Wanderlust


Inspired by ancient Japanese Seigaiha patterns The Mariner and The Seafarer Totter + Tumble playmats

From the top: The Mariner and The Seafarer


Striped hexagon patterns of the The Keeper and The Dreamer luxury playmats

 The Dreamer and The Keeper


The botanical patterns of The Rambler and The Thinker luxury playmats

The Rambler and The Thinker 


The Vintage Chevrons of The Wanderer, The Nomad, and The Roamer luxury Totter + Tumble playmats

The Wanderer, The Nomad, The Roamer