Bulk Buy Totter + Tumble play mats and Save 15% + FREE US shipping

Looking to purchase a large quantity of play mats for your home or for another setting? Totter + Tumble offer 15% off a purchase 5 or more play mats in one order to be shipped to one address.

Inspired by the Montessori approach to play, our thick memory foam floor mats don't slide around and are ideal for covering a large space by placing them side by side or if you prefer, create zones by using them separately.

For scratchy carpets or hard wood floors that offer no protection for children, simply unroll the play mats (no fiddly puzzle pieces here) and allow little ones' to take to the floor in comfort.

Please reach out to our team via email on hello@totterandtumble.com for more information. We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel this offer at any stage.


Raise Workshops double totter and tumble playmat bulk buying playmats


Totter + Tumble wipeable playmats have been spotted at settings in the UK including Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Jaego's House, Soho House, Chesnut Nursery, Nature's Little Learners, Eveline Day Nursery, St Mary's Walthamstow, Raise Workshops, Motherhood Bubble classes.