It is not just Totter + Tumblers championing our brand and award-winning play mats, but here are a few examples of what the press and media are saying...

Evaluating all the best play mat options in the market, The Strategist praised Totter + Tumble as the best reversible option out there.

What they love? How it has protect their little one from any bonks or falls as the editor's little one became more mobile.

What we love? They recognised this is a stylish rug like design you can keep out all the time in your home and makes the perfect backdrop for photographs.

With our 1000's+ of 5 star reviews, BuzzFeed wanted to see what the hype was for our durable and practical play mats.

What they love? How it the mats are super easy to clean after a play date, and comfy for the parents to relax on too.

What we love? That they said 'I have this mat in my son's playroom and it has been invaluable to our family.'

Home & Texture tried and tested baby brands to find the best style and quality items that won't clash with your decor.

What they love? How the play mat transforms floor time for tummy time, play, exercise.

What we love? How they recognise it's the 'ultimate non-rug rug built for real life!'

Fast Company were looking for clever kid products to save the summer. 

What they love? The elegant prints for your interior and soft foam for your feet.

What we love? That they saw the value and longevity of a play mat. Not just for newborns and toddlers, but for grown ups too!

Verywell were looking for play mats to exercise little minds, and found the Totter + Tumble play mat to be the most multi functional.

What they love? The wipeable aspect, making clean up time easy.

What we love? That the writer loved the floral design of The Blackthorn, and that it was reversible.

Cubby were on the hunt for adorable rugs for the nursery, and loved our Morris & Co. collaboration designs.

What they love? That the play mat looks like a luxurious rug, and they have The Blackthorn in their living room at home.

What do we love? We find any excuse to slip our shoes off to feel the plush memory foam too

Kitchn put our Morris & Co. Play Runner to the test in their own home, and dubbed it tremendously practical

What they love? That every playmat is double-sided an reversible, so you get two designs for your home

What do we love? That they used the play mats for themselves, just a much as their little ones do - as an anti-fatigue mat for your standing desk, or as a soft, cushioning exercise/yoga/pilates mat.


New moms swear by Totter and Tumble playmats as featured by Little Things

New mom and writer for Little Thing went wild for Totter + Tumble playmats, heralding them as something new moms swear by.

What they love? Being large enough not to roll off, thick to encourage tummy time and wipe clean for those spit ups.

What do we love? Using the Captain playmat for mommy and me yoga time.


 Babylist Best Baby gear Totter and Tumble Playmat

Babylist's editor Totter + Tumble playmat solved more problems than she knew she had, which is why she included our play mats in her articles on The Baby Gear You Probably Don't Know About.

What they love? The 'standout' style. Our playmats are designed to subtly fit into your interior decor, so we love it when the designs are adored.

What do we love? We have all tried the blanket first too...


Motherly features Totter and Tumble playmats 

Motherly have been wonderful supporters of ours with multiple features, including this article on their top 15 playmats.

What they love? Our memory foam playmats are quiet and stylish to work for any part of your home.

What we love? They describe themselves as 'instant fans' of our British brand.


Tiny Beans Features Totter and Tumble playmats USA

What we love? 
Tiny Beans also recognising how important having safety certification for newborns+ is. We are so proud of our testing we even include it online. Head to the Safe section on our About page.


HGTV Features Totter and Tumble playmats USA

HGTV gave their Design Stamp of Approval to our play mats, particularly loving our Rambler Playmat being featured top of their selection.

What they love? That adults will want our playmats as rugs as much as children will love playing on them.

What we love? Their emphasis on having ample room on the mat to play- watch our video here to help you find the perfect size playmat for your home.


Momtastic Features Totter and Tumble playmats USA

Momtastic knew Totter + Tumble was the perfect addition to their sustainability article on toys that last more than a year.

What they loved? The safety of our playmats, and the ease of looking after them. Us moms, dads and carers have enough to worry about so let us take care of the playmat!

What we loved? The cheer for being a mom-founded brand. Did you know that our small team is completely made up of moms? Head to our Instagram to see our faces or look out for our email signatures to find who you are chatting to.


Baby Chick Features Totter and Tumble playmats USA

Baby Chick picked Totter and Tumble for their article on the Best Playmats!

What they loved? in their words, "After our team tested them, we are obsessed. They feel like you are walking on a cloud."

What we loved? They adored the wide range of designs Totter + Tumble have in our current collection. Want to take a look? Head to our Design Guide.


Teaching Littles Features Totter and Tumble playmats USA

Teaching Littles knows exactly why having a safe, supportive floorspace to play is so important for our little ones. Head over to their article here to see exactly why the floor is so important and just why they featured Totter + Tumble number one in their top list.

What they loved? That our playmats are reversible. "It’s like getting two mats for the price of one!"

What we loved? The knowledge and learnings that Teach Littles gives us readers on the importance of play. Montessori principles of play inspired our playmat design, down to have a supportive, soft yet sturdy playmat for all ages to play and explore on.


Mini Magazine Features Totter and Tumble playmats USA

MINI Magazine were one of the first to celebrate the arrival of Totter + Tumble playmats to the shores of the US with their feature in their Fall Edition.

What they loved? It is hard to pull out one thing they loved, as they mentioned all the main features of our playmats: they are reversible, they are supportive, they are safe, they are stylish!

What we loved? All of the above!