For the modern family home, The Astronomer and The Eclipse are contemporary choices, so you can live beautifully in your family home, because you don't have to compromise on style when you need the practical.

The charcoal, kilim inspired Astronomer and the complementary Eclipse playmat, an updated take on the polka dot and reminiscent of the lunar phases, are available in both the Compact and the Standard sizes and are ideal for unrolling anywhere in the home where you need comfy ergo foam underfoot.

Not just for babies, the entire Totter + Tumble collection is certified safe from birth but will be loved by the whole family. From keeping tummy time supported to cushioning exercise sessions, they are a versatile and practical floor covering for busy homes.

Whether you purchase through The Astronomer or The Eclipse, you will receive the same durable play mat, giving you the option to switch up the look of your play space with a simple flip.
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Little boy enjoys play time on the cushy play rug by Totter and Tumble with a monochrome grey and white rug design
reversible dark grey play mat and neutral play mat on the reverse with an organic polka design created to complement modern interiors
The Astronomer Play Mat
From $215
child enjoys playing on foam play rug created with an organic polka dot motif for a modern decor look in the family home.
Tan play mat with eclipse inspired motif with a dark grey play mat on the reverse featuring a textile kilim design easy to flip from one side to the other so you can change your interior style simply
The Eclipse Play Mat
From $215