The Kilim playmat collection by Totter and Tumble is designed to sit in place of area rugs of the home, while still offering the protection and support you require from a play mat in a family home.

Designed in house, the aged Kilim design is available in six shades, so you can choose the tone that best suits your interior decor. From the neutral Globe Trotter to the sun kissed olive Harvester, there is a Kilim option for every interior style.

Available in the Standard and Compact size, be sure to measure up and choose the size that suits your space best, with Totter and Tumble's one piece play rugs there is always plenty of space to enjoy floor play with the whole family. 

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Baby girl laying on her back on an cushioning play mat with a subtle rug aesthetic for modern homes
Beige play mat with light green play mat on the reverse designed with subtle motifs and colours to suit family homes and easy to flip over to enjoy a new look
The Globe Trotter Play Mat
From $215
Baby enjoys playing with shiny sensory toys and is supported by the green floor rug by Totter and Tumble
Green play mat with neutral play mat on the reverse with tactile motifs that look beautiful in the family home and simple to flip from one side to the other for a new look
The Harvester Play Mat
From $215
Little boy enjoys play time on the cushy play rug by Totter and Tumble with a monochrome grey and white rug design
reversible dark grey play mat and neutral play mat on the reverse with an organic polka design created to complement modern interiors
The Astronomer Play Mat
From $215