Why our playmat prices have to change

Why our playmat prices have to change

We are all feeling the pressure of price increases everywhere aren’t we?! As a small business, we are too.

There are increases at every. single. step. From the manufacturing process, to the cardboard boxes our playmats are rolled and packed in, through to the shipping companies who bring the goods across the waters from our South Korean factory.

As a company, we always have and always will favor fair and consistent pricing. It’s why you will never see us go bonkers for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales and it is also why we have, until now, swallowed up small price increases.

However, we have to be wise and it’s time to be honest with you and ourselves. It really is the right time to make some small price changes to ensure we can continue to deliver the same quality product our customers adore. 

Prices will increase from 30th June 2022. The Standard sized playmats will be $239 and The Compact + Round playmats will be $215. Where possible, gift vouchers should be redeemed before this date as their value will not change.

We know you will understand why we have to make these changes and for that we are so grateful.



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