Meet The Playmat: The Mariner

Meet The Playmat: The Mariner

The Mariner is an uplifting design inspired by Seigaiha wave patterns. The combination of the light background with the gentle, blue-green scalloped motif creates a design that feels familiar and also effortlessly into family homes.

The Colur Palette

The scalloped, wave design is captured in a soft color palette of sea grass with an off-white background. The sea grass hue offers a color that sits between blue, gray and green, a refreshing choice for modern interiors. 


beautiful practical playmat in family kitchen
lady unrolling play mat with mariner and roamer designs totter and tumble

baby laying on mariner play mat with scalloped wave pattern

The Pattern History

Seigaiha means 'blue sea and waves' in Japanese and has been used as a decorative motif for centuries, including for textiles and ceramics. The concentric circles, drawn in the form of waves are used to symbolize both calm and powerful surges of good luck - just as waves can be wild or gentle.

The Vision

The Stats

Because we know one size doesn't fit all, The Mariner playmat is available in two sizes. The Standard works as a multipurpose, alternative to an area rug and the Compact is ideal for play spaces in open plan living rooms. 

In Real Life

The Mariner is versatile design for use anywhere in the home. We love to see the soothing design unrolled in little ones' bedrooms as well as in the living rooms.