kilim monochrome playmat for newborns
kilim monochrome playmat for newborns
leopard padded playmat for the floor
leopard padded playmat for the floor
little nomad gray chevron play mat design
little nomad gray chevron play mat design
gray botantical design play mat for babies and children reversible designs interior led
gray botantical design play mat for babies and children reversible designs interior led

Gray Tones

Whilst we tend to think of gray like a mix of black and white paint, gray can actually be produced by mixing primary and complementary colors together, giving greater warmth or depth depending on the colors chosen. This gives the different gray shades in our collection from pencil lead gray, to greenish gray and a lilac hued gray.

The three common undertones to form a gray are blue, green and purple which help to create both warmer tones and cooler tones. Gauging whether your space suits a cooler or warmer gray tone, will help you pick the perfect Gray shade from our collection.

We have four gray shades in our collection:

The Astronomer: A softened charcoal with deep impact.

ÔĽŅThe Wanderer:¬†ÔĽŅa fresh gray, made with light¬†blue and green undertones.

The Sunda: a warm moonlight sand gray, given depth with the pattern.

The Sepi: a flexible gray mist design, with a subtle purple undertone.

Looking for a warmer gray or a greige? Head over to our Near Neutrals section to find out more.

Still can’t make your mind up? Check out our Swatch Service to get your hands on up to 2 swatches of your favorite Totter + Tumble play mats to try out at home.

The Swatch Service


Choose up to two swatches to see how your favorite Totter + Tumble design looks against your home furnishings, or you fancy getting a feel for the quality of the luxury sealed memory foam, our swatch service delivers a mini piece of Totter + Tumble to your mailbox.

This service is there to make those important buying decisions easier, but in order to make it sustainable, we politely ask that swatches are returned to us once you have made your decision, we can then refund your deposit too.

Struggling to just pick which samples? We have put together the Design Guide which gives you a closer look at the different hues and patterns of each of the play mats. If you just can't make your mind up, we recommend you head over and have a read.

Is the swatch you are looking for out of stock? We run a rolling service, so it should be back very soon. 


Please note:

  • Swatch service¬†is only available within contiguous US states
  • Swatches are sent via USPS¬†and should be with you within 7-10 days. This is an untracked service.
  • Refunds are on condition of swatch return and are¬†not¬†linked to any order placed on a play mat. Swatches must be returned within 30 days.
  • All swatch orders are subject to a non-refundable $10 handling fee.
  • Shipping and returns postage is included.
  • We always ensure swatches are¬†sanitized when they come back to us.¬†


Size:The Globetrotter + Rambler Swatch