Gray Playmats

So gray is gray, right? Wrong.

Whilst we tend to think of gray like a mix of black and white paint, gray can actually be produced by mixing primary and complementary colors together, giving greater warmth or depth depending on the colors chosen. This gives the different gray shades in our collection from pencil lead gray, to greenish gray and a lilac hued gray.

The three common undertones to form a gray are blue, green and purple which help to create both warmer tones and cooler tones. Gauging whether your space suits a cooler or warmer gray tone, will help you pick the perfect Gray shade from our collection.

We have five gray shades in our collection:

The Thinker: a fresh cool gray which has a very subtle appeal

The Nomad: a stronger cool gray reminiscent of black and white paints combined.

The Astronomer: A softened charcoal with deep impact.

The Trailblazer: a chameleon gray that can appear cooler or warmer, depending on your home interior and lighting, made with a subtle lilac undertone.

The Wanderer: a fresh gray, made with light blue and green undertones.

Looking for a warmer gray or a griege? Head over to our Neutrals section to find out more.

Still can’t make your mind up? Check out our Swatch Service to get your hands on up to 2 swatches of your favorite Totter + Tumble playmats to try out at home.