While plants have always featured in artistic markings, botanical patterns began as an artistic genre in the 15th century and have remained beloved ever since. Our botanical designs are inspired by the memories of running through meadows.

botanical leaf playmat pattern design totter and tumble

From the top: The Rambler, The Thinker

The Rambler: a pure sage green with delicate detailing.

The Thinker: A light, cool gray to complement the soft botanicals. This design is now part of our Archive Collection.

Our Morris & Co. Collaboration: William Morris drew inspiration from the natural world, creating patterns and motifs that celebrated the beauty of flora. Morris's botanical designs remain timeless and continue to inspire designers and artists to this day, and can now be found adorned on Totter + Tumble playmats for modern family leaving as part of our official brand partnership. Discover the botanicals of Morris here.

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