Our Play Runners are 70" x 25" and are sized perfectly for long or narrow spaces. The smallest from our collection, Totter + Tumble memory foam runners are ideal for unrolling in the kitchen, next to the bed or beside the bath tub. The textured, one-piece design makes them easy to unroll.

Our Play Runners are great for the whole family. The thick memory foam provides support and cushioning and are perfect for exercise as well. The washable rug surface means you can keep them clean easily and they don't hold onto pet hair, dust or dirt either.

The Play Runner size launched in 2022 and is currently available in the highly favored Morris & Co. designs including The Blackthorn + The Standen as well as The Brer Rabbit + The Acorn.

Unsure which design is your favorite? Our 5-star Swatch Service and Design Guide are there to assist you in your decision making. 


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