A favorite with our Totter + Tumblers, The Harvester + The Solstice are designed with a contemporary aesthetic, so you can keep your home, your home, while having the peace of mind of a protective play mat for your baby.

The earthy olive Harvester and the complementary Solstice play mat, a modern twist on the polka dot and reminiscent of the Sun ellipse, is available in both the Compact and the Standard sizes. Whether you purchase through the Harvester or the Solstice, they are the reverse designs of the same play mat.

Multifunctional, Totter + Tumble play mats are also certified safe from birth by independent testing authorities and will be loved by everyone in the family. From special moment such as those first steps, to parents exercise sessions during nap times, they are the new versatile hub of the home that will add support through numerous memories.

Whether you purchase through The Harvester or The Solstice, you will receive the same mat, giving you the option to switch up the look of your play rug with a simple flip.
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Baby tummy time and playing on the rustic feeling Harvester play mat with a Kilim inspired pattern for the stylish floor mat.
The luxury padded Totter + Tumble Harvester playmat is rolled up showing the reverse Solstice pattern
The Harvester Play Mat
From $215
Baby lays on the modern Solstice Totter + Tumble luxury play mat, tummy time for newborns
The contemporary Solstice playmat is rolled up on a wooden herringbone floor, showing the olive green pattern on the reverse side floor mat that looks like area rug
The Solstice Play Mat
From $215