Immerse your home in the timeless designs of William Morris with Totter + Tumble's Morris & Co® play mats. Crafted in collaboration with the renowned Sanderson design house, these baby play mats bring the essence of Morris & Co® into every corner of your living space, but they aren't just for babies. Whether you're searching for a William Morris rug-like play mat for your living room or a timeless Morris & Co® kitchen mat, our collection offers versatility in design and function.

Choose from four different sizes and shapes – large standard rectangular, compact rectangular, round, and runner – ensuring a perfect fit for any space. Our commitment to style and practicality extends beyond aesthetics. Our large baby play mats are not just elegant additions to nurseries; they are versatile enough to serve as home exercise mats, kitchen mats, standing mats, and even as a more practical alternative to textile area rugs.

Totter + Tumble's Morris & Co® Playmats redefine the concept of play time elegance. The baby-friendly foam construction ensures a comfortable and safe play area for little ones. But these play mats go beyond childhood; they seamlessly integrate into adult spaces, providing a multifunctional solution for various needs. Discover why you need a kitchen mat in your home or find tips for happy tummy time. Elevate your interiors with the perfect blend of style and practicality – explore our Morris & Co® Playmat collection now.

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