Trends | Strawberry Thief + Willow Boughs

Trends | Strawberry Thief + Willow Boughs

Welcome to a deeper dive into the 2023 Totter + Tumble x Morris & Co. collection.  

The designs, while steeped in nostalgia, are ideal for unrolling into modern interiors. Discover which current interior trends these heritage patterns complement.   

Here we take a look at Strawberry ThiefWillow Boughs.  

The Strawberry Thief design, iconic of Morris & Co. balances a palette of muted, natural colors on an inky, indigo-navy blue background. This decorative design is perfect for The Homestead trend seen increasingly for interiors, where heritage elements and antique pieces are styled in the home, with a subtle contemporary twist. This trend evolves from the New Victorian trend from 2022.

Features such as wooden wall panelling and spool-turned, bobbin furniture are key for the trend, along with damask, paisley and vintage floral motifs. Heirloom items are brought into the home and newly purchased products such as the Meminio Memory Box, is dcreated with a vintage-appeal, while storing precious moments of the new generation.

Consider complementing with Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief and deep navy paint shades, visit antique markets for decor, be inspired by classic, timeless makers such as deVOL and invest in long-lasting furniture that can be passed on.

Credits: Wall Panel - The Library Ladder Company Picture - Emily Davis. Switch - Pooky. Light Sconce - Huey Light. Love Seat - Soho Home. Wooden train - Dottie Maie. Strawberry Thief Play mat - Totter + Tumble. Wall covering - Lincrusta. Bobbin cot - Jenny Ling at Crate & Kids. Memory Box - Meminio.


On the reverse, The Willow Boughs design uses tonal green and tan tones picked from nature, against a barely-there, aged-yellow base, which responds tonally to the light in the space. It's the ideal pick for Considered Calm interiors, a trend that favour organic textures and shapes, a stripped-back, earthy color palette and artisanal touches - a step on from the Bio Artisan trend from 2022.

Features such as organic shaped light fittings and textured, linen textiles are combined with a tight, tonal color palette. There is a minimal feel, every item has a considered place to keep the home light, airy and clutter-free. Houseplants have a home here too, for a healthy dose of Vitamin N.

Consider using soft, aged yellow or tonal green paint colors alongside raw plaster or white-wash finishes. Update your couch with a soft, linen covers like Bemz and invest in unique, handmade fittings and decor from craftspeople.

Credits: Green curtains - Secret Linen Store. Bamboo light fittings - Monnarita. Sofa - Decotique. Cushion - Canva. Basket - Moelle. Willow Boughs play mat - Totter + Tumble. Daffodil toy - Jellycat. Linen - April and May. Cot - Sacred Bundle. Fabric - Fare Inc. Plant image - Ora Brand


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