Totter + Tumble Support Circle: Getting Ready For Baby

Totter + Tumble Support Circle: Getting Ready For Baby

Series One: Getting Ready For Baby

The Totter + Tumble Support Circle series is rooted in connection and support. We have been inspired to create content that will connect you to businesses and resources who can support your unique parenting journey.

In Series One: Getting Ready For Baby, we look at preparing for parenthood through three angles; knowledge, nesting and wellbeing. Please do seek support from your Midwife, GP or prenatal charities if you have any issues or concerns.



While we don’t think you can ever be totally prepared for parenthood, there are incredible, diverse resources available to expand your knowledge before the leap. From sociable antenatal classes for modern day parents to hypnobirthing and perinatal education classes, there is so much rich learning support available.

Modern Antenatal Classes - Informal, not all facing the front like you are at a conference! The fresh, emerging breed of antenatal classes are focused around connecting you to other local parents-to-be, so you can share the experience of preparing for parenthood. Classes often offer up-to-date learning on birthing, feeding and even techniques for calming your baby, such as baby massage.

Hypnobirthing Help - With inspiring classes in real life or online, hypnobirthing has become more widely known and used in the last decade. Through visualisations, affirmations, relaxation and breathing techniques, it offers a method of pain management where the birthing person takes control and the birthing partner is well-equipped to support. 

Pernieum Massage at Mothernity

Perinatal Practices - During the final trimester of pregnancy, there are various practices which can vastly support labour, birth and recovery, including pelvic and perineum training via kegals and massage. Tutorials and tips for both can be found online or via apps, but seek advice from your midwife or a health professional first.



The nesting stage is officially regarded as the immediate lead up to birth, as hormones rush, sparking an innate and intense need to clean. But with lots to prepare, getting ready for baby often starts way before. With endless essentials on offer, it can be overwhelming. We are in the midst of a booming, sharing, circular economy and nesting sustainably is a tangible option. Be inspired during this full on stage of prepping.

Hire, borrow or buy preloved - From breast pumps, to nursery furniture and clothes for your changing body and theirs (when they arrive) buying brand new not only pinches the purse, but isn't the best option for the planet either. You may prefer to buy new for some items, but consider looking to sustainable options for other bits and support the circular economy. Baby rental business Bundlee highlighted that wearing an item of clothing 50 times, instead of 5, decreases carbon emissions by 400%. A very valid point when babies typically go through more than seven sizes in two years and wear some items a handful of times.

Hospital Bag by Lily Jade

#thehospitalbag - Packing the hospital or birthing bag is a major milestone and the tag on Instagram has over 120K posts, with inspiration for what and how to pack. Even if you are planning a home birth, ensure you have a collection of necessities on stand by. Our teams things not to forget for you: energy-boosting snacks, disposable postpartum knickers, a peri bottle, nursing pillow and slippers!

Tory Stender

Home Help - Whether you enlist the services of others (we 100% recommend) or take on the task of getting your home ready for baby by yourselves; you should consider adding decluttering and cleaning, filling the freezer with healthy, convenience meals and creating necessary areas for you and baby, including a changing station and comfortable nursing area - to your checklist.



It is important to think about yourself in the run up to a child arriving. It isn’t selfish, it is essential. As well as the busyness of preparing the practical things and the learning you may choose to engage with, take time to eat well, nourish your body and mind, relax and get lots of sleep. If you need support in prioritising your wellbeing, there is a lot of help available.

Bumpin Blends

Nourish - Your body and mind both need attention as you prepare for the next stage. Ensure you are communicating with a loved one or perhaps a Doula who may be supporting you. It's so important to expound your different emotions and thoughts. Be sure to supplement with recommended prenatal vitamins and nourish yourself with healthy treats like smoothies.

Bao Bei Body belly band

Strengthen - For those who are carrying, but equally as important for partners, being active and building strength has so many benefits pre and post baby. Implement pregnancy safe exercise to ensure you are in a strong position for little one to arrive and find relief from aches and pains. If you aren't able to venture out, there are various on demand prenatal classes and exercise subscriptions available.

bbhugme pregnancy pillow

Relax - Take five and often! Netflix and chill is absolutely an order of the day, especially in the run up to your little one arriving. If you are the kind of person who cannot sit still at home, consider booking a trip away with the sole purpose to relax. This is the babymoon where you do nothing. There are plenty of wellbeing breaks or pregnancy retreats available, some hotels even cater specifically for a sleep vacation! Utilise Meditation apps to encourage restorative time too. 



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