Tips to ensure your playmat purchase is a perfect one

Tips to ensure your playmat purchase is a perfect one

Been considering buying a playmat? Maybe this New Year is the right time to make the investment. And because we want you to find the one for your family and home, here are our top tips for ensuring that purchase is perfect.

Discover the right design for your home

Our playmats are designed to be there for the whole family, through all the milestones. From tummy time to the first steps and then big kids playtime, so picking a design you really love is imperative.
If you aren't decided on color or pattern, our Design Guide gives you an in-depth look at our collection, because colors aren't simply one hue and our patterns all provide a different overall effect.

If you are on Instagram, the Playmat Picker AR filter on our page provides an idea of how each design would look in your space. Don't forget to flip to playmat to see how the reverse fits in. Look for it in our highlights section!

If you still aren't sure or if you want to physically feel the quality of a little piece of the playmat first, discover our Swatch Service here and watch for an email explaining how to make the most of it. 

*currently only available in the UK and US, but will be coming to EU customers this year.

Buy the biggest you can for your space

Totter + Tumble playmats aren't just for babies, they are for the whole family, with plenty of room for spending time together. As families grow in numbers as well as in size, we always recommend buying the biggest you can for your space. Remember, when the little ones are in bed or at childcare, the playmat is there for you still. Our Totter + Tumblers frequently tell us they've swapped rugs out for the playmat full time and use the mats for their own exercise during quiet times as well.

Consider existing furniture and placement

Our luxury memory foam playmats don’t like heavy furniture placed on them for a long time and there is the risk of long lasting dents, which no one wants. If you have plans in the pipeline for new furniture pieces, consider where they will fit in with the playmat addition. Equally, perhaps you’ll be swapping sofas or getting rid of coffee tables for more play space. So this is your cue to measure up before you buy. We recommend using tape on the floor or books to create the outline. Just follow our simple size guide below to get the measurements spot on.

We hope this will be useful as you choose the playmat for you, but we are always on hand if you need any extra guidance too. Just pop us an email on and we will be in touch soon.