Nursery Trend | Whimsical Woodland

Nursery Trend | Whimsical Woodland

References of forest foliage and animals are introduced softly in our Whimsical Woodland nursery trend. 

Our range of subtle earth tone playmats lend themselves to a landscape inspired space. The memory foam creates a cushioned safe zone for your little botanists.

Muted, neutral tones are placed alongside plaster pink and sage for a nursery space that is gentle and welcoming.

Bring in furniture pieces that will last beyond the baby days; a changing table that will have a second life as a dresser and our Rambler or Friend play mats, which will remain a practical floor covering as they grow.

Woven storage, pleats on textiles and tassel embellishments add a softness to the space. 

Unique personality can be added with woodland inspired framed prints, artisan mirrors and playful lighting pendants.

If you need help choosing a Totter + Tumble play mat for your space, whether you are doing a total room renovation or adding to a pre-styled room, we will always be happy to give you suggestions. Pop us an email to

Product credits:
Playmat: Totter and Tumble (top left) The Rambler & The Globetrotter
Playmat: Totter and Tumble (bottom right) The Friend & The Champion
Glider: RH Baby and Child
Blanket: Elegant Baby
Pendant light: Lightfad
Mirror: Crate and Barrel
Dresser: West Elm
Print: The Lovely Wall
Mushroom storage: Lorena Canals
Crafted crib: RH Baby and Child
Muslins: Avery Row