Meet The Playmat: The Brer Rabbit

Meet The Playmat: The Brer Rabbit

The Brer Rabbit is one of four designs from the first Totter + Tumble x Morris & Co. collection. In a beautiful, muted color way, it is the ideal design to style into a babies nursery. 


The Colour Palette

We worked in partnership with the Morris & Co. designers at the Sanderson Design Group to bring our limited edition Totter + Tumble x Morris & Co. collection to life. For The Brer Rabbit color palette, soft hues of creamy sage and off-white evoke a sense of nature in a soft, gentle way.  

unrolling one piece memory foam playmat without puzzle pieces

totter and tumble morris & co. brer rabbit heritage playmat with milk spill

little legs kicking on brer rabbit stylish playmat by totter and tumble

The Pattern History

The Brer Rabbit design is taken from a 17th century Italian silk. It was named after the Uncle Remus children's books, a collection of animal stories, songs and folklore which Morris read to his daughters, Jenny and May. The motif features rabbits, birds and foliage, creating a charming, countryside-inspired designed.

The Vision 

The Stats

Because we know one size doesn't fit all, The Brer Rabbit is available in all four sizes. The Standard works as a multipurpose, alternative to an area rug, the Compact is ideal for play spaces in open plan living, the Round is a perfect portable play mat, that can be moved and unrolled wherever the supportive, memory foam floor covering is required and the Play Runner is ideal for the kitchen or as an exercise mat. 
In Real Life

The Brer Rabbit is gentle, story-evoking design that is at home in children's spaces, but can be equally as adored as an alternative to a rug in living areas. The chalky tones give it a gentle aesthetic as a play rug.