5 Brit brands for under 5s (that you’ll find in the US)

5 Brit brands for under 5s (that you’ll find in the US)

Hello USA, we're thrilled to be officially live, and our playmats are almost ready to arrive on your shores.

As the Royal Family welcome their latest edition Lilibet Diana to the family; we wanted to introduce you to our favourite fellow Brits too. Here are five British brands that we love for under fives. And the good news is, their goodies are available for delivery on US soil.

As a small business ourselves we know the joy of taking your products international. The Totter and Tumble story started a long time ago when Susie our Founder, was soon to be a new parent with her eldest - Ellie. Anxious to provide the safest home for her, she researched all she could to make sure she had the best products. As babies tend to spend a lot of time on the floor, with us down with them, finding practical protection for her hard floors was an obvious concern.
Fast forward a few years, with an active toddler and a second child on the way, Susie could not face having to deal with the garish jigsaw puzzle style foam mat any longer. So when faced with reinstating the impractical puzzle pieces in her newly decorated home or risk having a rug, she thought there must be a better solution.... There wasn't! 

From this desire to find practical yet stylish flooring, Totter + Tumble was formed in the United Kingdom on the following four founding principles: simple, stylish, supportive, safe

Now let us introduce you to our top 5 favourite UK brands...

Etta Loves //

Launched by mom of two Jen Fuller, Etta Loves make unique products to support babies from day one. Designed alongside orthoptists (specialists in children’s development) the Etta Loves range always has it’s signature black and white patterns, which not only looks stylish, but which encourages visual and sensory development as well. Now well established, Etta Loves produce muslins, comforters and sensory strips alongside other soft goods, which are perfect for playtime and sleepy moments too. It’s a science-led, modern baby brand that the adults love just as much as the babes. 

Toastie // 

Sustainability is at the heart of Toastie. Founded by friends Kirstie Duke and Lucinda Waite, their earth-conscious, luxury brand has the Butterfly Mark, demonstrating their long term commitment to being green. Toastie's range of premium outerwear is built for little explorers, with function and design in equal measures. From anoraks that fold up, to lightweight puffer jackets and snowsuits, there is a solution for every season and every kind of weather! Durable and timeless, their premium products can be passed from child to child and Toastie will be there to see each of them through countless outdoor adventures.


Matchstick Monkey //

Matchstick Monkey make must-haves for babies. In fact, their original monkey teether is so effective, if you are expecting a baby yourself, or know someone who is, buy one now! Conceptualised by mom of three Katie, when her first daughter struggled with teething from one-month-old, Matchstick Monkey products are truly magic. Not only appealing for babies with their bright colours and adorable characters, their no-nasties, food-grade silicone teethers soothe gums and provide relief. From the first signs of cutting teeth to those particularly painful back molars, Matchstick Monkey’s ergonomic goodies have it covered. Manufactured to the highest standards, this brand (which actually saves the day during teething misery) deserves all of its awards.


Boden // 

Apparel brand Boden makes brilliant clothing for the whole family. Founded by Johnnie Boden in 1991,  Boden use only the best materials, with a pledge to use 100% sustainable cotton by 2023 and a promise to never, ever manufacture ‘Rubbish clothes’ which shows with the 365-day quality guarantee. They are transparent with their global supply chain as well, paying fair wages, looking after their workers and giving back in a big way to charities and communities too. But that isn’t where the greatness ends. Their baby and children’s ranges are contemporary and comfortable and built to last, they’ll definitely be kept as hand-me-downs for future little ones.


Yoto // 

Launched via Kickstarter, Yoto puts kids’ in control, with only the content you want them to see. With no screen, no games and no ads - hallelujah! This carefully connected screen-free speaker works with physical cards available from the online Yoto card store. There is a huge (and still growing) library, from classic story series, to calming cards designed to lull them to sleep as well as the option to record your own cards, ideal for recording precious messages from loved ones. It’s the handiest gadget, suitable for children of all ages and pretty sure every adult who comes across it loves it too!


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