For the modern family home, The Wanderlust and The Thinker allow you to have the protection of a one-piece play mat while not compromising on your home interior.
The midnight teal Wanderlust and the complementary light cool gray Thinker, are available in the Standard size, which provides plenty of room for the family to enjoy floor play together.

The entire Totter + Tumble collection is certified safe from birth, made from a durable non-toxic PVC akin to medical grade and a thick, memory foam. The sealed surface means there will be no crying over spilled milk.

Whether you purchase through The Wanderlust or The Thinker, you will receive the same durable play mat, giving you the option to switch up the look of your play space with a simple flip.
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totter and tumble luxury foam play mat contemporary midnight teal design pattern baby mat for playing
totter and tumble luxury foam playmat contemporary midnight teal pattern reversible memory foam baby mat for playing
The Wanderlust Play Mat
Baby on luxury one piece foam play mat stylish botanical grey playmat totter and tumble The Thinker
Totter and Tumble midnight teal Wanderlust reversible baby play mat rug design bold stylish playmat subtly compliments home interiors
The Thinker Play Mat