From our original collection, The Dreamer and The Nomad are designed with contemporary style in mind, so you can live beautifully in your family home, while also being assured that your little one is supported on the floor.
The coral Dreamer and the complementary cool gray Nomad are available in both the Compact and the Standard sizes, ideal for unrolling anywhere in the home where you need some squish underfoot.

A play mat that isn't just for babies, the entire Totter + Tumble collection is certified safe from birth and will be loved by the whole family. From babies developmental milestones, to exercise sessions, they are the new versatile hub of the home.

Whether you purchase through The Dreamer or The Nomad, you will receive the same play mat, giving you the option to switch up the look of your home with a simple flip.
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baby happily doing tummy time on Totter and tumble's soft padded play mat The Dreamer. With Coral hexagons this one tile playmat is stylish and functional.
Roll out grey or coral with our double sided stylish designs for both your and your home décor with Totter and Tumble foam play mats.
The Dreamer Play Mat
totter and tumble luxury playmats in little Nomad grey chevron design with reversible Dreamer terracotta hexagonal fun design memory foam play mats for children
totter and tumble luxury playmats in stylish little Nomad grey padded play mat design with reversible Dreamer orange hexagonal memory foam playmats for children
The Nomad Play Mat